Rituals: The E‑Commerce Journey with Shoptet – From Exit to Return

Marrying daily rituals with moments of self‑care, allowing individuals to experience serenity and joy in their everyday lives, is the essence of the Rituals brand. The shopping experience on Rituals' online stores should mirror this feeling, accessible from any device.

With Shoptet Premium, we've been able to integrate the guidelines set by our parent company, meet demanding design criteria, interface with the essential systems, and ultimately migrate the e‑shop back to Shoptet after some time.

Unique design
Intuitive navigation
and quick controls
Effortless shopping
across various devices
Integration with
external systems

Client introduction

Rituals stands for cosmetics, perfumes, home fragrances, and personal care products, all inspired by time‑honored rituals from cultures worldwide. The brand champions natural ingredients and underscores sustainability and renewable resources.

Historically, the Rituals online store operated on Shoptet. However, with growth came the need for unique system integrations that Shoptet couldn't offer back then. New growth avenues emerged with Shoptet Premium, and now, the e‑shop has made its return to Shoptet.


Client’s idea

What were the needs?

From the outset, the client emphasized a distinctive (global) design, ensuring the shopping experience is memorable regardless of the chosen device.

A vital requirement was also integrating the e‑shop with the IS VENTUS system via API. This would facilitate the efficient retrieval of data on product range, stock availability, pricing, orders, invoices, and credit notes.

Additionally, there was a need to enhance the order dispatch functions within the IS VENTUS system.



An e‑shop that Strikes a Chord

While the website adheres to a minimalist design, it showcases five unique product details with a dedicated admin interface. A sophisticatedly positioned menu with crucial links is located on the top‑left of the page, ensuring seamless navigation.

In both online store versions, Rituals.cz and Rituals‑cosmetics.sk, responsiveness is paramount, allowing the website to adjust gracefully across different screen dimensions and devices.

Swift and Simple Shopping

The Rituals site delivers a transparent and intuitive shopping journey. Product pages are streamlined and lucid, with tools like a dropdown menu and quick‑access icons facilitating effortless product browsing. The checkout process is designed for utmost simplicity.

IS Ventus and Balíkobot Integration

This linkage ensures an automatic transfer of products, inventory status, pricing, order updates, and delivery details. It paves the way for efficient e‑shop administration and streamlines online sale‑related processes. We've seamlessly tackled the shipping label's integration – they’re transmitted as location links for files in a predefined storage space within the order header.

The solution's rollout was championed by Shoptet Premium Partner, Miranda Media


Result and evaluation

Tailored design with five distinct product details and specialized administration
Notably reduced expenses compared to alternate solutions and swift dual e‑shop launch
User‑friendly navigation complemented by quick‑access icons
Integration of IS Ventus and Balíkobot
Successful transition within four months
"Partnering with Shoptet Premium has its advantages. We're empowered to tailor the graphic designs and API integrations as per our requirements without constraints. Concurrently, we can leverage Shoptet ad‑ons that considerably aid our daily operations."
Ondřej Piskač

Ondřej Piskač

E‑commerce manager CZ + SK