Extensive and intuitive online store administration

Make use of the wide range of default features and options offered in the basic version of every Shoptet or through our add-ons.

The best of the Shoptet

The platform covers a vast majority of features necessary for competing in the e‑commerce market. Be it the typical areas of managing products, orders, customers, storage maintenance, logistics, payments etc. or more advanced themes like legislation, analytics, linking marketing tools and more.

Marketplace with add-ons

Choose from more than 200 add-ons in our Marketplace and extend the functionality of your online store with products and services that are essential just for you. We are developing these add-ons with the leading players on the market enabling you to benefit from linking up with Zásilkovna, Pohoda, or Shoptet Pay.

API for further integrations

If your requirements reach beyond the capabilities of add-ons or the default platform features, you can still take advantage of the API interface. This allows you to realize almost any connection. This way, you completely cover all the requirements for your e‑commerce solution.

Partnering with Shoptet Premium has its advantages. We're empowered to tailor the graphic designs and API integrations as per our requirements without constraints. Concurrently, we can leverage Shoptet ad‑ons that considerably aid our daily operations.
Ondřej PiskačE‑commerce manager CZ + SK

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