Platform with a private API. Don’t get held back.

Access your online store data directly. Connect your systems, read data or write your own customized app.

Intuitive and easy to use REST API

Find all the information needed to work with API in our well-structured documentation. Additionally, we continuously expand the possibilities of our API hand in hand with the whole platform.


Directly read and edit data from your online store

Private access to your data via API enables further data processing according to your needs. So you can for example work with orders, customer information, products or store supply.

Connect your online store to the systems you use regularly

Do you use specialized tools for marketing, e‑mailing, storing, CRM, and more? Connect them seamlessly to your online store and let them do what they do best.

Write custom-made apps that make your work more efficient

If you have specific business needs, just write your own app that gets data from your online store or makes changes right in the store.

Partnering with Shoptet Premium has its advantages. We're empowered to tailor the graphic designs and API integrations as per our requirements without constraints. Concurrently, we can leverage Shoptet ad‑ons that considerably aid our daily operations.
Ondřej PiskačE‑commerce manager CZ + SK

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