Functional design for with custom educational features

When your e‑shop offers medical products for children, you want it to be as simple as possible and easy for parents to access the information. For the baby breathing monitor brand Nanny, we created a fine‑tuned design, tailored precisely to the individual needs of the product.

Within the Shoptet Premium platform, we always try to get to know the product, the target audience and the company’s internal processes first, so we can create a customized, scalable solution.

Design and implementation
of functional design
Customised blog
module design
Advice section
Custom plugin
for communication
with marketplaces

Client introduction

The Czech company Jablotron is a leader mainly in the field of security systems, both at home and abroad. However, thanks to its breath monitor product sold under the Nanny brand, it has also become a major player in the Healthcare Tech field. The monitor is trusted by hospitals around the world and helps protect the lives and health of thousands of children.

Easy to use
Easy to use
Loud and punctual<br>alarm
Loud and punctual
Certified medical<br>device
Certified medical
Allowance<br>from health<br>insurance company
from health
insurance company

Client’s idea

What were the needs?

The client needed an environment and tools that would allow him to create attractive educational content and sell successfully in markets that are specific in some way. A functional design that represents the brand was also important. The ideal solution was therefore Shoptet Premium, a platform that meets all the requirements of an e‑shop.



Clean and neutral design

At Able Development Studio, we are able to create unique designs for Shoptet Premium clients, which fills the gap in the market between classic e‑commerce solutions and purely tailor-made e‑commerce development. This allows companies to retain their specific identity and at the same time save resources that can be used more efficiently. In the case of the brand Nanny, after getting to know the client’s goals, we chose a gender‑neutral visual identity that communicates equally with both parents and the general public. The design evokes a family atmosphere, safety and reliability.

Individual accessories

Considering the sensitivity of the topic of infant health care, clarity of information is important for the e‑shop. We have therefore extended the solution with our own custom‑made blog module, a section of advice with a doctor, a glossary of terms and first aid courses. The customer thus gets a comprehensive family helper in addition to the product offer on the e‑shop.

Communication with marketplaces

For the e‑shop we have also created a personalized add‑on that simplifies communication with the marketplaces and The internal processes of the companies are a priority for Shoptet Premium. That’s why our partners have a private API, allowing them to connect almost any third‑party application or Shoptet marketplace add-ons to the e‑shop. Among those, you will find add‑ons of various categories that continuously move the client’s e‑commerce business forward.


Result and evaluation

Functional and responsive UX and UI
Easy accessibility of information
Tailored educational content
Linking to marketplaces
Design that communicates product reliability
"Studio Able can meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. They complete our vision with empathy and search tirelessly for a solution. Nothing is impossible. Communication is consistent, they are always well attuned and helpful. They give you space, but at the same time, they will work with you to see the project through to completion."
Kateřina Rosendorf

Kateřina Rosendorf

Marketing Specialist Nanny - Infant Breath Monitor